• Interior Design

  • Team Events

  • Image Bank

  • Portraits

  • Real estate
    Real estate

    Real estate, architecture and interior design photography and post-production

  • Reportage

    Photo coverage of corporate events, meetings and their side programs

  • Image bank
    Image bank

    Custom image bank planning, creating and editing

  • Portrait

    On-location shooting or portable studio setting.

  • Team building
    Team building

    Photo and video coverage of team building events

Have your company’s photography handled by a professional.

Why you need a pro

Today’s image ubiquity and the affordability of good photo equipment can often create the notion that outstanding pictures are easy to get. That’s not the case. It takes a professional’s know-how to consistently produce images with the highest standards.

There are the technical aspects, like complex post-processing software and techniques, or handling pro-level equipment. Also into play come other skills, which are as important, even if not so easily assessed. That’s the case of how to manage different subjects and contexts, finding the best place to be (and not to be!), or better conveying both information and feeling into a picture.

About me & my work

I’m a freelance photographer with an IT background. Since my debut in 2007, I’ve taken assignments of many types, both for corporate and personal clients. In the press, I collaborated mainly with newspaper Expresso, producing both photographic and multimedia content. I’m also a contributor of 4SEE Photographers agency.

My main concern is to act in my clients’ best interest. Whether or not teaming up with others, I can work with a large degree of autonomy whenever needed. To that regard, it’s key to have a briefing with the client, to learn their expectations and goals. I’ll be happy to contribute my expertise, so the work can be most productive to everyone.

Contact me to discuss your ideas and get a personalized quote!

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