GFD Running

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GFD, a physiotherapy clinic specialized in athletes, is launching a niche-business, GFD Running. It consists in coaching enthusiast amateurs in their training schedules and warming/stretching routines. To promote their business, they partnered with “Corrida do Tejo”, a 20km run along Tagus river (“Tejo”), near Lisbon.


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Photo session at the ferryboat line between Setúbal and Troia, to document and promote the new electronic payment method available.

Country Club

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A snippet of the image bank commissioned by a country club. The goal was documenting the several facilities available to the tenants, as the fitness and sports center, children’s playgrounds andgolf course.

Color 2013

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Non-profit “Buga Lá” organized “Colorir 2013” (Color 2013), a mass-launch of Chinese lanterns in a beach near Lisbon. Many hundred people attended, but the actual launch was postponed due to unfavorable weather — the wind started blowing onshore and the authorities only allowed the … Continued

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