In reportage, one has little or no control over what’s to be photographed. This can take many forms, depending on its purpose and context.



These are indoor events, where low-profile is of key relevance, as the photographer’s presence can be distracting to both speaker and audience. Most often, the lighting conditions are very challenging. See examples of reportage in Congresses.

Team Building

Team building events usually feature a conspicuous photographer presence and even some degree of interaction — for instance, when group pictures are required. Almost always there is no idea of what the teams will do, so the photojournalist approach to deal with the unexpected is mandatory. See examples of team building reportage.

Side Programs

Big international meetings tend to have a social side program, with some of the following: Gala Dinner, Sightseeing Tour, Outdoor Activities. As a general rule, these social program activities are very well scripted, although not that often photographing them is easy. See examples of reportages that include social activities.


My skills in photojournalism and editing are valuable in reportage, as they provide me a good insight on getting the maximum readability out of each picture, along with their storytelling quality as a whole.